Philippe ROUSSEL

Born on 3rd December 1957 in Rodez in Aveyron to a pianist mother and a painter father, Philippe Roussel was immersed in art from a very early age. He expressed himself through painting for several years, from 1984 to 1995.
He tried his hand at sculpting in 1995 and has since been collecting first and second prizes in various prestigious exhibitions.
His work, which is based on recycling materials, reveals often humoristic characters in situations that are funny, poetic, and at times teasing. He draws ideas from his own past, whilst also being inspired by those around him.
He is represented in numerous galleries in France, notably in Honfleur, and in several European countries. He also exhibits in Lebanon, Japan, and Canada.
Techniques used: his sculptures are made from copper tubes, which he transforms by sawing, reshaping, forging by hammer and welding with a blowtorch. No mechanical tools are used in the creation of his pieces, which are all unique.


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