Born in Britain, Martine Kerbaol is graduated from the School of Applied Arts in Paris and the National School of Fine Arts where she studied monumental sculpture in the studios of Henri-Georges Adam and Etienne Martin. In the 70s, she moved to Britain.

Winner of many competitions public orders, she realizes monumental works for several cities and public institutions. His current research focuses on the perception of the snapshot in the decomposition of the essential phases of the movement. Earth, wax and bronze alchemy allow her to express the spontaneity of it.


33. Charlotte

34. Charlotte (détail)

27. Il pleut

20. Petite maman

23. Petite maman (détail)

24. Il pleut (détail)

28. Louise

21. Louise (détail)

25. Noémie

32. Martin

4. Martin (détail)

22. Eliot

6. Luna

31. Chimène

8. Au secours

3. Petite danseuse G

2. Les gémeaux

5. Les acrobates

9. Eve au chariot

10. Les filles

19. Noémie, Eliot et petite maman