Official Marine Painter Jean Lemonnier is also a sculptor, and delights in modelling maritime species, particularly birds, otters and sea lions. But he does not content himself with sculpting only fauna guaranteed to bring success. He also enjoys creating fish, octopuses, and rays, thus successfully immortalising the life of the great ocean deeps. His uncluttered and always figurative style transposes the shape of bodies with accuracy and balance. He reveals the contours and power of larger mammals including seals and whales by magnifying the flutter an eyelid, fin or tail.
“The most difficult part is finding the movement. If you capture it, it will carry you through to the end,” esteems the artist, who enjoys stylising shapes to celebrate the beauty of this untamed and very often endangered world. The intensity of expression ultimately overrides realism. What is particularly rare is that Jean Lemonnier relies not on details, but on an overall impression to evoke an animal species, adding a spark of life that fills his sculptures with humanity. This is uncommon in animal art, especially as animals’ feelings are often unknown to mankind. Jean Lemonnier suggests the opposite.



Sterne posée

Manchot tête baissée

Ours polaire

Huppe fasciée

Grande aigrette

Couple de mensonges

Lapin assis


Grande otarie


Macareux moine

Merle qui chante
Epreuve Artiste 3/4

Jeux d'éléphanteaux

Cormoran dressé
Epreuve Artiste 3/4

L'éléphant (petit)

Grand cormoran, ailes déployées

Albatros en vol
Epreuve Artiste 1/4

Petite aigrette penchée



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