This impressionist painter has developed his own style through the use of soft and contrasting colours. The elegance of his pieces is an invitation to dream. The ever-sophisticated fairer sex, whose beauty is enhanced by grace, occupies an important place. When he moved to the region of Annecy, Jean-Yves Fremaux began painting watercolours. Several years later, he turned his attention to the technique of oil and knife on canvas to express the world he appreciates. Very quickly, the public took an interest in the artist’s work, and he participated in numerous exhibitions. His creations are engaging in terms of their depth, reflecting moments of city life and sometimes the high life that seem almost alive. Hours could be spent daydreaming in front of one of them. The mobile characters allow the observer to imagine an entire scene, some romantic, others tragic.
The same sensation of life and reality that brings the characters to life can be seen in Auguste Renoir’s “Luncheon of the Boating Party”. And just like this famous painting, Jean-Yves Fremaux’ works are accompanied by music, snippets of conversations and sultry perfumes.
Often, the women in his paintings are shown to be elegant, at times finely-dressed, majestic, perhaps gracefully slipping onto the arm of suited men.
Impressionist painter Jean-Yves Fremaux expresses himself in his own style, with bright, sparkling colours and soft touches of paint. He uses contrasts, particularly icy blues and generous reds.
He can also paint rain and bad weather, as did Gustave Caillebotte in “Paris Street; Rainy Day”. Also, he does not hesitate to draw an automobile as if it were a carriage, and it is perhaps this unwillingness to cheat that enables a romantic element to float over his poetic paintings.

Annecy – Régions & couleurs de France


100 x 100

Les oiseaux de Fanette
35 x 27

Matin au Palais Garnier
90 x 90

Deux sous un parapluie
30 x 30